Month: March 2013

A relationship gone sour

That left me pondering what kind of relationship did I really have? Was it a location-specific mutual feeling that ended as soon as I moved to a different continent?

I am a woman

The song started something like this When I was little girl About twelve years old My mama told me I am a woman. I am strong… I sang that song, until I panted for breath and until my throat ached. I felt really good and prepared to tackle what came after that. In fall of 2011, I attended the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) conference in Chicago. I was doing my Ph.D. at University of Illinois at Chicago during that time. The conference was organized at McCormick Place. It was a huge convention center which covered an area of 2,670,000 sq. ft. When I reached the McCormick place, I was amazed at the monstrosity of that place. The place was filled with women in professional suits and skirts. I was mainly there for the job fair. About 250 companies were participating in the job fair. The job fair would open up at the end of the day, so I attended a few sessions on personality development and job-fair related sessions such as, ‘How to write …