Month: April 2013

I only swear when I drive – Part 2

I maintained my non-swearing attitude until I completed my Ph.D. in Chicago and came to Bangalore and as soon as I started driving everything changed.

I only swear when I drive! – Part 1

I only swear when I drive! I realized this horrible truth as soon as I started driving in Bangalore. It was a hidden character inside me that has not revealed itself until now. It all started like this.

Things I miss about Chicago-Taylor Street

What will I miss about Chicago? I will miss a lot of things about Chicago. I want to start with the neighbourhood that I stayed in. It is called as Taylor Street, the Italian street. There is a high-end restaurant, Tuscany at the corner of Taylor and Miller Street. I could see Tuscany and it’s parking lot from one of my apartment windows. I loved to see top notch cars getting parked in the parking lot by the valets, Cadillac, Mazda, Buick etc. Once, I even saw a red colored Ferrari. I remember one particular valet who always spoke something loudly in Spanish whenever I passed by Tuscany’s parking lot.I will miss the chatter of the people dining in Tuscany, the clinking of the knives and forks on the white ceramic plates. I will always remember the way they looked at me while eating their exquisite Italian pasta or spaghetti as though I was some exhibit walking by. I will miss the cozy thai restaurant, ‘Thai Bowl’ in which the UIC students got a 10 …