Month: May 2013

How humans exploit us

I am living being too you know. I have feelings too. I experience pain. I wince when somebody has intentions to harm me. It hurts when somebody plucks at my leaves or breaks my branches. Humans never realize that.

My precious!

Over breakfast, my husband Pradeep Kumar Gouda and I had a very casual discussion about the dropping gold prices. He told me, ‘Gold price has come down to Rs. 26000’, I replied, ‘We should buy it’, he retaliated saying, ‘No, we should not, it harms our economy’. Our small discussion intensified his desire to write about why buying more gold is harmful to the Indian economy and he offered to write a guest column in my blog. So here it is! ———————————————————————————————————-King Parikshit, descendant of Pandavas once went hunting. Kali, the evil of Kalyug appears before him and asked him to allow him to enter his kingdom. The king denied but Kali pleaded a lot. The king accepted and told to restrict Kali to only places where there is alcohol, gambling, prostitution and gold. Kali happily accepted the offer  and the first thing he did was to sit in the King’s golden crown and corrupted his brain. The activities which the king did later that day led to his eventual death and end of the …