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My mother – Part 2

The phone rang again. My mother picked it up, “Hello…I will not call the police…tomorrow evening at 7:00…” and she hung the receiver. She looked at me and smiled.

After a couple of hours my uncle came in. My mother asked me to go to bed. As I lay on my bed, I could hear hushed voices. They were discussing about the ‘naxalite’ but I could not make out what they were talking. I was feeling sleepy. My eyes closed.

Next day was a regular day. I woke up and got dressed for school and went to school. My mother came to pick me up in the evening. I saw the sky blue colored maruti car waiting for me at the school gate. I was surprised that she drove all the way to take me home. The distance from my school to home was about 3-4 km and I went to school and came home in a school bus. I went home, freshened up and sat on our dark green colored sofa with a book in my hand. The clock ticked away without any worry. I could not concentrate on what I was reading. My mother was walking to and fro across the marble floor and her pink saree rustled as she moved. The phone rang. Beads of sweat formed across her well shaped brows just above her red bindi,  and as she picked up the receiver her hand trembled. She said, “Hello…yes I will be there” and hung up. She called somebody else and said, “He will be here in 5 minutes. Yes…yes I will do it”. Then she went downstairs to her clinic and the maid came upstairs and watched over me as I looked down into the book. (Our house is a one-storey building, downstairs is my mother’s hospital establishment and upstairs is our home).

After half an hour she came upstairs, huffing and puffing. I put my booked aside and watched her.

She called my father on cell phone and said, “He came. He was tall lean and had a cap, which covered his features. He did not say anything; he just stood there in the Out patient (O. P) waiting room and looked at me. There were also other patients in the O. P. room. I went close to him and asked, ‘What do you want? Why did you come here?’. The patients heard me talking loudly and looked at him. He became nervous and he started walking away. May be he did not expect other people to be present. I walked after him. The patients and their male relatives realized that something was fishy and they followed me as I went behind the guy. He started walking fast, as I was catching up with him. I increased my pace. I shouted at him, ‘Is it you who asked for money? Are you really a naxalite or are you looking for easy money?’ He walked faster and we approached the main road. As we walked on the road, the people behind me and a few on the road joined in and shouted at him, ‘Stop! where are you going?’ Just about that time the police jeep approached and he ran away. The police went after him. I do not think he was a naxalite. I came home. After a few minutes, the S. I. came and said that they lost him. He asked me to report if I received any more calls from him’…Ummm”.

She put down the phone came to me, smiled and said, “Everything is fine”.

After that day we did not receive any prank calls from that ‘naxalite’ or any other person claiming to be such. This incident made me realize that my mother is a strong and courageous woman.

My mother on my marriage day, 8th August 2012

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