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How humans exploit us

I am living being too you know. I have feelings too. I experience pain. I wince when somebody has intentions to harm me. It hurts when somebody plucks at my leaves or breaks my branches. Humans never realize that.

We plants have served humans for a very long time. Our leaves, our roots, our shoots became their food. We are the ones responsible for their survival. All the best parts of us, our fruits and the roots were mercilessly plucked and eaten by them.

Humans progressed and so did their acts to pollute nature. The machines that they use to live and travel emit poisonous chemicals and we take in most of those pollutants. They have killed us by hordes without any remorse, to build new homes. We have served humans by providing food, by cleaning up their messy pollutants and yet they continue to exploit us, harass us, maim us and kill us.

I make my food from light, you know through an act which has a very complex name. I use the energy from the sun and convert it to an energy which will be used by me to live, grow and become strong. The wicked humans have even come up with ways to tap into my energy source and take away all the energy that I gained from the sun, as electricity to power their noxious gases emitting devices. They want to kill us by not even providing an opportunity to grow.

I wish that we had evolved along with humans. I wish we had the power to gobble up humans when they desire to hurt us. Few of my relatives are carnivorous, you know, all of us are not as docile as you think, but we have not evolved enough to consume humans. I wish I could transform myself into modern weaponry at a moment’s notice and shoot pine cones and sharp pointed twigs at the people who intend to harm us. Earth is our home too, you know and we have every right to live on it. If you do not stop these atrocious acts of destruction against the tree-kind, we will stop serving you and start revolting against you, then where would you go?

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