Month: June 2013

The Safari – Part 1

Mama bear and baby bear went on a Safari at Bannerghatta National Park. They rode in a green colored bus with meshed windows. The bus was filled with swans, ducks, bears, dogs, hyenas, lions and tigers. Everybody was excited to go on the Safari.

Mashup of tastes

Fruits taste a particular way and we are used to that. We know how a banana tastes like, sweet, a little bit sticky and very soft. We also know how it looks like, yellow in color. What if a banana takes like a strawberry and looks red in color and a pineapple tastes like a grape and also has the color of black grapes ? Philips has done a three month research on making hybrid fruits. They came up with a kiwi that tastes like tangerine, a banana that smells like strawberry and a pineapple that looks and tastes like a grape. To answer your question, ‘No Philips is not getting into fruit selling business, they are marketing their new blender, Walita’. Watch people eat these hybrid fruits and see how surprised they are.