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The Safari – Part 1

Mama bear and baby bear went on a Safari at Bannerghatta National Park. They rode in a green colored bus with meshed windows. The bus was filled with swans, ducks, bears, dogs, hyenas, lions and tigers. Everybody was excited to go on the Safari.  All of them wore their best attires and the bus looked colourful. Mama bear wore a pink colored frock and the baby bear wore black half-pants and a yellow shirt. They sat in the first row. The crane, which was in the driver’s seat, wore navy blue trousers and shirt and a black cap. The crane stepped on the accelerator and off they went on the safari.

They passed through the black gates and entered the couch potato safari. The place was covered with glass rooms. In these rooms, they saw several couch potatoes seated on a sofa, watching flat screen TV’s. There was a bowl full of chips beside them. The couch potatoes were too busy even to notice the bus full of animals. They kept on munching the chips and intently watched the TV.

Baby bear asked the mama bear, ‘Mama, what is this human?’

Mama bear replied, ‘It is a couch potato’

‘Couch potato?’

‘Yes. They just sit and watch TV all day and do not go outside. They eat unhealthy food. They are heavy because they did not exercise. The zoo keepers had to put up with a lot of struggle to get them to this place. They carried them along with their sofa in huge cranes and moved them here’

‘Oh! I don’t like the couch potato’, said the baby bear.

After the couch potato safari, they entered the rich safari.

As they entered, they heard loud music. Baby bear covered his ears, the music was too loud for his sensitive ears. They passed though a huge room with disco balls hung on the ceiling. Humans wore glittering dresses that sparkled in the sunlight and they were drinking some transparent liquid in tall glasses. They were laughing, talking and snacking on plates filled with meat and vegetables.

Baby bear asked the mama bear, ‘Who are these?’

Mama bear replied, ‘They are the rich. They feast all day and night. They drink, they dance and they party.’

Baby bear asked, ‘Where do they get money from if they party all day?’ 

Mama bear replied, ‘They got the wealth from their ancestors, not a single penny is their hard earned money. They waste their wealth’ 

Baby bear said, ‘I like them’

Mama bear replied, ‘They are the ones who caused the war which wiped out all the humans, except for a few, whom you see now. We preserved the humans in the same state that we found them in, in their natural habitats’

‘How did the war happen?’

Mama bear looked at the safari brochure and told the baby bear, ‘I will tell you that story when we are in the poor safari’

To be continued …

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