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Environment friendly fashion

On the occasion of World Environment Day, our company has called vendors to set up a few stalls inside the campus. There were stalls of plants, solar heaters, jewellery and Tupperware. I did not understand why Tupperware would be considered environment friendly, but it was there. Among all the stalls, I was fascinated by the jewellery stall (being a woman that should not come as a surprise). The woman at the stall was selling jewellery made with rice grains. They were pretty and did not look delicate at all. The jewellery is perfectly recyclable. After you are done wearing it you can eat it if you are hungry. That got me thinking what kind of recyclable jewellery is out there. 
The website, ‘mode’ had a few DIY projects of food based jewellery. I loved this simple necklace made of pistachio shells.
There were also earrings made of pasta on the same website. Wearing pasta earrings would look kind of weird.
 My search for recyclable fashion led me to these earrings made of coffee beans. As the day progresses, you can eat the coffee bean and get instant caffeine kick. 
Someday I will be brave enough to wear the edible jewellery and not eat it

I also found a few other creative stuff made out of unwanted porcelain wares and the objects found during nature hikes.

I would not mind wearing these bracelets. They look pretty. I hope that they are not as delicate as they look. 
The caps and brooches made by Sara Breakfield using the objects found during nature hikes are stunning and attractive.
Raw fashion is all around us, waiting to be molded as per the whims of the wearer.
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