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Of Women and Miss Moti

What is it with women and weight loss? Why are we so obsessed with the hour glass figure?  I agree that having a healthy BMI is the key to healthy living. But what if we are in situations that encourage us to be in a food trance that makes us pack up a couple of pounds? Occasions like festivals, marriages, family functions are the times we cannot help binging on our favourite foods. The butter chicken takes the role of the siren on high seas and keeps on calling on to us until we devour it.
The aftermath of the visit from the food siren is a guilt trip down the road of self-esteem. Every time I look in the mirror, I tell to myself, “I have to lose weight”.  Most of us want to be like all those svelte actresses on TV, with their zero figures and shapely body parts. But losing weight is one of the most painful tasks. Do you know that one has to shed 3500 calories to loose 1 kilo? 3500 is a big number. I always believe that limiting the proportion of food and exercise will eventually lead to weight loss. The most important thing is to love ourselves during the weight loss phase.
In the weight loss context, I was excited to get to know Miss Moti. She is a character created Kripa Joshi who is an illustrator and comic artist from Nepal. Miss Moti is the outcome of the artist’s body image issues. She wanted to create a character who can accomplish all the things in this world with little care about how her body looks like. Miss Moti is chubby, plump woman who has no superpowers. She has a very active imagination and she does even the ordinary things in an extraordinary manner. In the comic Miss Moti and the cotton candy, she climbs nine flights of stairs on a cotton candy and creates many sculptures in the cotton candy world. What is interesting about this comic series is that there are no words in most of the comics, there are a series of pictures and we can let our imagination run wild and come up with a story.
 Miss Moti and Ultra-girl.

What do you think happened in this comic? Let your creativity take reins as you build up story about Miss Moti and the ultra-girl.

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