Month: August 2013

Europe Trip 2013

The trip to Europe was replete with nitty gritty details and a lot of pictures. The company of a few good, interesting and virtuous people made this trip a memorable experience. They came from different parts of India, Gujarati’s from Surat, Kannadiga’s from Bangalore and Jamkhandi, Marathi’s from Mumbai and Telugu’s (my husband and I) from Bangalore. I got a flavor of the Indian culture as well.

Visit to Tirupathi

My husband and I visited Tirupathi last weekend. When I told to one of my colleagues that I am going to Tirupathi over the weekend, he said, ‘I did not expect that you would go there.’

I asked him, ‘Why?’

He replied, ‘I do not feel that you are that kind of person’

I laughed and said, ‘Last year, my husband prayed that I if get a good wife, I will visit you along with her next time. So we had to be there this year, before we completed our first year of marriage.’

This is the story behind my visit to Tirupathi.