Month: September 2013

To be wheatish or not to be wheatish?

To be wheatish or not to be wheatish is the question, as though I have the option to choose. The disturbing facts about the color of my skin started propping up when I started groom-hunting. When I put up my most eligible bachelorette profile online, we had a discussion about what the color of my skin should be on my profile. Is it wheatish or is it fair? My uncle and my mom took a good look at me, and went with fair. When I protested, my mom said, ‘People who are wheatish are putting fair, so why not you? You are fairer than wheatish so you are fair’. I had to agree, after all who doesn’t like an elevated status?

Europe trip 2013 – London, London, London

My hubby and I celebrated our first anniversary by travelling to London. Well, that is not one of the most desired ways to spend an anniversary but we had no other option. We met our tour manager, from Cox and Kings at Dubai Airport. There were 35 people in our group. I was surprised by the cosmopolitan nature at the airport. Most of the women were clad in burqas and long skirts, but they looked fashionable. In Dubai, scarves, blouses and skirts with animal prints were in fashion.

The Brigade that prevents Sexual Violence

I took self-defense classes for three semesters during my Ph.D., in Chicago. The instructor was a middle-aged person with salt and pepper hair and a good build. Every semester, he used to teach us one technique in self-defense and we used to practice it on him. Yes, on him. He got punched and kicked around mercilessly by about 10-12 women, so that we could get trained to use the self defense techniques. We also had discussions on common scenarios of violence against women, rapes, domestic violence and mugging and what we can do if we were in such situations. The class used to sit around him in a circle and the discussion started something like this ‘Two women were attacked by a baseball bat and mugged in one of the Chicago’s neighborhoods. The women were going towards their car after staying in the bar until 3 AM. Both of them could be drunk. A man approached them with a baseball bat and started attacking them. He hit one lady first. The other woman wanted to save her …