Month: October 2013

Pink October

You get what you get when you get them

This is what Clair Huxtable tells to her daughter Rudy Huxtable in the Cosby Show. It is the end of summer and Rudy has to go to school. She feels bad that she is still a young girl, because her breasts haven’t come yet. Rudy feels that she will be ridiculed by her class boys. One of her friends brings a bust enhancer cream that promises to guarantee results in just two days. Rudy asks Clair if she can excuse herself for 48 hours from school. Clair and her husband Bill Cosby dig deep into why she needs the 48 hour break. When they come know the cream, they had to force themselves to stop laughing and explain to her that it does not work that way.

The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in Life and Business

Imagine the shock of the people if they knew that their neighborhood retail store was spying on them.

A father angrily stormed into a Target store and demanded to see the Manager. He said to the Manager, ‘My daughter is in high school and you sent her coupons for maternity products’.

The Manager apologizes to the father and tells it was a mistake. The next day, the Manager makes a courtesy call to the father and apologizes again.


I grew up listening to the stories of bathukamma from my grandmother. She told me about the mega-sized bathukamma’s they made during her childhood and how four or five men got together to lift the bathukamma to carry it to the nearby temple. I am glad that I finally participated in one. Bathukamma will indeed be one of my favorite festivals.