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Pink October

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Women as well as men love boobs. Fight breast cancer early.

You get what you get when you get them

 This is what Clair Huxtable tells to her daughter Rudy Huxtable in the Cosby Show. It is the end of summer and Rudy has to go to school. She feels bad that she is still a young girl, because her breasts haven’t come yet. Rudy feels that she will be ridiculed by her class boys. One of her friends brings a bust enhancer cream that promises to guarantee results in just two days. Rudy asks Clair if she can excuse herself for 48 hours from school. Clair and her husband Bill Cosby dig deep into why she needs the 48 hour break. When they come know the cream, they had to force themselves to stop laughing and explain to her that it does not work that way.

Cosby tells to Rudy, ‘You can as well put mayonnaise on your chest and get the same results’.  

 Clair explains to Rudy, ‘Growing up to be a woman is a natural biological process and you cannot speed it up. You get what you get when you get them’

 Ruby obliges and decides to go to school.

October is the breast cancer awareness month and I could not get this story out of my mind whenever I saw the pink ribbon in my e-mails. In my company, we do a human formation of the pink ribbon and wear a pink colored dress on one of the days in October to show our support for the cause.

I told one of my friends, ‘Tomorrow is a breast cancer awareness day in my company’

She asked, ‘What are you going to do?’

‘We are going to make a human formation’

‘Of the br…?’

‘No silly of the pink ribbon’

 The pink ribbon is the symbol of breast cancer awareness not the breasts.

 I also wondered what this big ado about breast cancer is. I have heard about the campaigns in the U.S., I did not know that in India as well, we are having such awareness sessions. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has concluded that over the past two decades, there is a steep rise in the number of breast cancer cases in India. As a matter of fact, breast cancer has been declared the most common form of cancer in India, surpassing cervical cancer. In metropolitan cities almost 1 in 20 women are suffering from breast cancer and Bangalore is the breast cancer capital of India. Now, I am glad that I am aware of this malignant disease. More statistics regarding breast cancer can be found at this website –

Early detection of breast cancer can save lives. Medical professionals recommend self examination of the breasts in the ages of 25 to 30, clinical breast examination after 30 and Mammography after 40, once in every 1-2 years. Mammography is a diagnostic and screening tool to examine the breasts and detect lumps or microcalcificatoins (coarse calcium deposits) in the breasts. Mammography is a non-intrusive procedure, there is only some discomfort. About 70 % of the unscreened women succumbed to breast cancer, whereas only 30 % of the screened women became victims of breast cancer. Mammography does save lives.


Women as well as men love boobs. It is time to take a stand and detect this demon early, for a long healthy life.

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  1. I have come across certain people saying that any diagnostic techniques like FNAC and other techniques which are minimally invasive when adopted for diagnosis, give rise to tumours in non-cancerous patients, attributed to the fact that it causes certain magnitude of irritation to the tissue during and after the procedure. May be one must be cautious before choosing for such techniques.


  2. FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) is done only when there is a tumor. A fine needle is passed into the tumor and cells are aspirated and studied under microscope to detect any signs of malignancy. It is perfectly safe procedure. Caution is exercised if any procedure involves exposure to radiation. Mammography helps in early diagnosis of breast cancer.


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