Month: November 2013

Cute butts and loads of shit – Part 1

It was a pleasant evening in Bandipur. Cool breeze with the smell of flowers touched their faces. The calm evening was interrupted by the cries of the birds, flying to their abode to retire for the night. Alas! The wonderful evening did nothing to soothe their problems. All of them gathered to discuss about the issues that were troubling them.

Virtuous Animals

Do you know about the lion and rabbit story in Panchatantra? There was once a greedy lion that used to kill and terrorize animals just for the pleasure of it. All the animals in the forest went to the lion and made a pact with the lion. They asked the lion to stop the unnecessary killing and they would send an animal every day to the lion as his meal. The lion liked this agreement.

One day it was the turn of an intelligent rabbit to become the lunch of the lion. It went to the lion very late. By that time, the lion was very angry and it decided to kill all the animals in the forest to teach them a lesson.

My Grandfather and my Religious Affiliations

In our life there are there certain incidents that we remember forever. These memories are etched in our conscious mind because the time, the place and the company are all conducive to that adherence factor.

When I was about 12-13 years of age, my grandfather and I were walking along an almost deserted street. The fruit vendors closed their carts, with flashy bright colored plastic sheets. Few of the auto drivers alongside the road were safely ensconced in their back seats and gave in to the call of dreamless sleep. The cool breeze touched us and the moon shined on us as though it was a special moment.

The silence around us made me think deeper. I asked my grandfather, ‘What happens after death?’

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

Amy Chua writes about the generation decline in Chinese immigrants who come to the United States (I think the generation decline philosophy applies to all Asian immigrants).

The immigrant generation is the hardest working. They come to the States almost penniless and work hard to become successful. They also live thriftily, save money and spend it on their children’s’ education and real-estate. They are also extremely strict with their children lest they forget their roots and behave in an American way.