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Cute butts and loads of shit – Part 1

It was a pleasant evening in Bandipur. Cool breeze with the smell of flowers touched their faces. The calm evening was interrupted by the cries of the birds, flying to their abode to retire for the night. Alas! The wonderful evening did nothing to soothe their problems. All of them gathered to discuss about the issues that were troubling them.

One of them said, ‘Them point at me something which lights up, it scares me’

Other said, ‘Them came behind me one day. I was walking along the path. There was this huge thing which made a loud noise, ‘chug chug chug’, came after me. I had to run fast, my paws hurt’

One more said, ‘Them also throw things, my little one ate one and fell sick’

The leader decreed, ‘It is enough! We have waited long enough for them to change their ways. We cannot wait any longer. They come into our lives without caring about our feelings. It is time to teach them a lesson, for life.’


It was Safari time at Bandipur National Park. All the tourists got into the grey van. The driver/tour guide promised to show the tourists, lions, tigers, elephants and what not. None of the tourists realized that unlike a zoo, they were at the mercy of the animals for their darshan. They took out their cameras and turned them on, ready to capture the beauty of the nature.

The tourists first saw a peacock picking out the grass. The tourists were mesmerized by the beauty of the animal. They took out their cameras and clicked. In the excitement of the peacock sighting, few of the tourists forgot to turn off the flash. The peacock made a distress call.

The van moved further along the bumpy road lined with bushes on either side. They saw a herd of elephants. It was indeed a lucky day! As soon as the driver stopped and the visitors were about to click, all the five elephants showed their backs and nonchalantly started smelling the grass. They waited for ten minutes but the butts of the elephants still covered the camera lens.

The bus moved on. People thought it was a weird luck. Wonder of wonders, at the next stop they saw five tigers. No sooner did the van stop; the tigers also showed their backs and started twirling their tails. The same thing happened with the deer, bison and peahens. What a weird day it was!

One of the tourists exclaimed to another, ‘Dude! Why are the animals showing their asses to us? Don’t they know that we are not interested to look at their butts? ‘

Next day the tourists’ facebook page was filled with the pictures of elephants, tigers, bison, peacocks and peahens asses. Their friends wondered if they should like the pictures or not.

To be continued….

The animals which were sighted at Bandipur National Park before they boycotted humans

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