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Cute butts and loads of shit – Part 2

Continued …

For sometime, the ass play by the animals of the Bandipur National Park continued. The animals still longed for the calmness and serenity of their forest sans the humans and their catcalls, boohoos and flashes. They retrieved farther into the forest, away from the bumpy road and came out onto the road only to shit.

The next batch of tourists could not spot any animals but they found loads of shit along the kaccha road. All kinds of poop of different shapes and textures were lined on either side of the road. The tourists went away disappointed.

The forest officials understood that the animals were boycotting the humans but they cannot close the Safari and neither could they plead the magnificent creatures to come out. They figured out a new way to amuse the tourists.

The next time a disgruntled outsider on the Safari told to the bus driver that seeing the animals in Bandipur is farce, the driver asked the tourist to step out. The tourist wore shorts and had a camera hanging by his neck.

He did not like the suggestion of stepping out of the bus.

He said, ‘Hey! Wouldn’t the animals come out? Will I not be in danger?’

The driver replied, ‘Do not worry Saar. No animals at this time, in this place’

The guy stepped out.

The driver asked the tourist, ‘Saar, do you see this shit?’ and pointed towards a considerable size of dark grey mass.

‘Yeah! So?’               

‘You see Saar, this, elephant shit’

‘How can you be sure?’

‘You see how much ground covered under it and the way it spread’


‘It must have come from up there to spread like that. Big animal, so elephant. You see that other small pieces of shit’ and pointed to some black pellets,  ‘came from small animal, may be deer. This is a proof that there are animals at Bandipur.’

The tourists felt that it would be silly to put up pictures of different textures and sizes of poop on their facebook page, so they returned unhappy.

And hence the story goes. The animals never came out and the forest rangers tried to pacify the tourists by showing them the shit lined along the road. After some time, the tourists stopped visiting Bandipur and the animals lived happily ever after.

The End

No more Animals were sighted at Bandipur National Park. You can still go there for nature’s beauty and serenity 


This story was inspired from my collegues’ discussion during Safari Trip in Bandipur

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