Month: December 2013

Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

This year was a year of travel and bonding. My hubby and I visited Tirupathi, Goa and Mysore in India and almost all the major cities of Europe. It was a year of bonding with the family. Every passing year, I learn more about my hubby. He is a wonderful person and the learning never ceases.

I celebrated the major festivals in my hometown, Warangal amidst our parents, in-laws and other close family members. The love and warmth from the family spices up the festivals. Oh yes! I forgot to mention about the mouth-watering and delicious dishes that my mother and mother-in-law cook during festivals, which lead to packing up of pounds, which I am yet to lose.

Go Goa Gone

At Vagator beach, we saw a buffalo enjoying the serenity of the sea. It sat facing the sea, observing the gentle waves. Its dark skin shined in the sun. May be the buffalo wanted to soak up the sunlight in the cold winter. The pesky foreigners did not allow the buffalo to enjoy its beach time. One foreigner tried to place a green cap on the buffalo from an arm’s length whereas the other foreigner got ready to take the picture. I felt bad for the buffaloes in Goa. They have to deal with these troublesome foreigners who disrupt their privacy.

The City of Love

As we passed along the river we saw a piece of the Parisian night life. The youth sat in groups with vodka bottles and other drinks by their side. Guys wore cool hats and scarves. Women wore long gowns, short skirts and coats. We also heard loud music and saw people were dancing. A person of African origin was teaching a white woman how to dance. A dining cruise passed by us. Couples seated across each other got to know one another as they waited for the food. On the banks of River Siene, I saw nothing but love and happiness. Paris indeed comes to life in the night.

Slum Tourism

I was surprised to read about the slum hotel in South Africa built by Emoya Luxury Hotel & Spa. The hotel is constructed to replicate the slums. It consists of private shacks or Shantys, made with corrugated iron sheets. This hotel is for people who want to experience the slum life but do not want to go to the slums.