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Little Nita and her red bow – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Nita’s short-time friend went to the apartment complex. The security man at the gate was his friend. He told him, ‘I have to see someone in this apartment’. The guard let him in.

He knocked on the grandmother’s apartment. The grandmother thought it must be Nita and opened the door. Before she could realize that it was not Nita, the man barged in. He caught the grandmother and delivered a blow with a porcelain vase that he found in his vicinity. She became unconscious. He took her to one of the rooms, put her on the bed and waited for Nita to come. Meanwhile, he searched the house for valuables, money, jewellery, anything that he could lay his hands on.

Nita was so busy eating her slurpee that she did not realize how quickly the time went by. She saved one slurpee for her grandmother. Mother would not understand but grandmother would. She thought, ‘Grandmother will be waiting for me’ and quickened her pace. She went inside the apartment complex and took the elevator to the ninth floor.

Nita came in front of the apartment and saw that the door was open. Nita thought, ‘Grandmother never leaves the door open. Why is it open?’ She opened the door slightly more, peeked inside and called her grandmother, ‘Grandma, are you there?’

She saw the man who bought her the slurpee on the sofa. He stood up, walked towards her and said, ‘Come in. Your grandmother has invited me too.’ Nita felt scared and timid inside. Something was wrong. She did not understand what it was.

She asked, ‘Where is my grandmother?’

‘She is in the bedroom. She is resting. We should not disturb her’.

He came close to the door, opened it wider and was about to pull Nita in. Nita thought quickly. She thrust the slurpee into his eyes. He moved back from the door. Nita pulled the door and bolted it from outside.

She took the elevator to the ground floor and ran to the security guard. Panting for breath, Nita said, ‘Grandma…in trouble…quick…need help’. The security guard called the police. The police came and arrested the conman. Grandma was safe, except for the injury on her head. Everybody appreciated Nita for her common sense. The next time Nita walked to her grandmother’s house by herself, she never stopped anywhere. Her mother understood and bought her the slurpee once in a while.

The End

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