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An Act of True Love

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Frozen is a movie about two sisters and the love between them.

Last week, I watched the movie, Frozen.  The movie is a simple story of two sisters and the wonderful bond they share. The two sisters are the princesses of a kingdom. The elder sister has the power to create ice. Unfortunately, she cannot control her power. On her coronation day, after her power gets exposed to her subjects, she runs away from the palace to the Northern Mountain. The younger sister goes in search of her sister and confronts her. The elder sister accidentally freezes the younger sister’s heart. An act of true love is required for the younger sister to live.

The moment I heard about true love, I thought, ‘Phew! A kiss from a prince to save the princess; Why can’t Disney make more meaningful movies?’

I belong to an era in which I watched Cinderella, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty, as I grew up. In Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, the princess goes into a coma like situation and a prince has to kiss her red lips to revive her. In Sleeping Beauty, the princess touches the tip of the spindle and falls asleep, only a kiss from a handsome prince could bring her out of her misery. Kisses from princes always save the day for the princesses. If women face any hardship in their teens, they should wait for their true love to stumble by and get a kiss from them. The kiss solves all the problems and the princes and the princess can live happily ever after.

It is no surprise that I was disappointed that an act of true love, in the movie Frozen, will be another kiss from a handsome prince. Disney has proved me wrong. It was an act of true love between the sisters. The younger sister almost sacrifices her life for her elder sister. It was a happy ending, as it always is.

Disney is changing with the times and came up with a story which showed love failure and highlighted the relationship between siblings. There are so many other wonderful relationships other than just love and Disney made an entire movie around it. I hope that Disney brings much more meaningful movies like Frozen, in the future.



I am always a great admirer of how Disney animates it’s non-human characters. In the movie, Frozen,  it was the reindeer and the snow man, which had human-like expressions and emotions.
 In the movie, Tangled, it was the horse and the chameleon.

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