Month: February 2014

Poor Husbands!

The problem is that women are perfectionists. We are trained to be like that. If we cook and don’t clean up, our mothers are behind our backs, ‘Who is going to clean up for you?’, they ask. We reluctantly start cleaning. Another fresh dose of scoldings awaited for me if I misplaced my bag or left empty chips packet cover anywhere. The training gets imprinted in our psyche. Unfortunately, men never have their moms behind their backs, asking them to clean up. Cooking, itself is a great thing, so where does the issue of cleaning even come? It is this uneven training when it comes to household cleaning affairs, that gets manifested later in the domestication process.

Is FB for the Oldie Goldies?

Facebook was cool when it started. Initially, Facebook belonged to late teens, early twenties people. Later, Facebook became so popular that everybody irrespective of their age group started joining it.

My 10 year old cousin, who is not even of a legal age to join FB, has an account. My 55 year old aunt who belongs to a completely different generation also has an account.