Month: March 2014

Hairy Tales

A couple of years ago, I read an issue in Femina regarding women’s independence. The question was, what do you need independence from? Few of the answers were, I need independence to roam late into the night and not be raped or asked questions. I need independence to spend my hard earned money without giving an explanation to someone. One person wrote, I need independence to cut my hair. Independence to cut my hair! I thought, ‘Well, that is weird.’ I did not realize how serious this hairy issue was until after my marriage. A few days into my marriage, my husband made a deal with me, not to cut my hair too short. We negotiated that until I turn 35 years, I will keep my hair length below my shoulders.

Happy Dreaming!

Exam dreams are the classic ones. I guess everyone has these dreams at one stage or another. I am staring at an exam paper. I complete answering all the questions. In the end, I realize that paper was not even my standard. It belongs to class above or lower than mine. I also get dreams that I bunked my telugu classes. I did not show up for the whole year to the class. Just one day before the final exam, I frantically skim through the book and show up for exam. Why do I see my Telugu teacher? It could be because I stopped reading telugu novels and books after high school and my subconscious mind is guilty.

Unbound – Indian Women at Work by Gita Aravamudan

In Perceptions, Gita wrote how society perceives men and women and how it affects a woman’s life. The concept that man is the bread winner is ingrained in Indian Culture. It is the primary responsibility of a man to take care of his family, whereas it is not the responsibility of a woman. Hence a woman does not need her job as much as a man does. During the recession, in 2009, women were given more pink slips than men. In one of the stories, a manager has fired his woman employee and asked her to see it as an opportunity to spend quality time with her kids.

One year Anniversary

One year Anniversary of my blog was on February 22nd and I was too busy even to post about it. Terrible me! The shortest month of the year always sees a few posts. It happened last year, and this year as well.Moving forward, I hope that this will not be the signature trademark of February.