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Happy Dreaming!

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Adult human beings need 7-9 hours sleep per day.

March 14, 2014 is the World Sleep Day. How long did I sleep yesterday? Approximately 7 hours. The prescribed amount of sleep per individual per day is 7-9 hours. I am at the lower end, alright!

Dreams are an integral part of sleep. Dreams take us into the magical world of the subconscious. My dreams are in color, most of the times. I have dreams in several categories, few of them are harmful and a few are harmless.

My scariest dreams are the ones in which I am standing at the edge of a cliff. It could also be a waterfall. I fall off. I always hate the pull of the gravity which is so eager to consume me. It is a weird sensation in the stomach, as though someone has compressed it for a few seconds and let go. That could be one reason why I never enjoy roller coasters. I hate them! Whenever I am on them, I squeeze the life out the person’s arm who is sitting next to me, by clutching it.

I also get dreams of huge water bodies. I am in a temple and the temple has a lake. The lake never ends. The blue waters spread into infinity. I am standing on the steps, contemplating whether I want to step into the lake or not. Waterfalls and water bodies mean only one thing.  My subconscious mind could be suggesting me to get up and pee.

Exam dreams are the classic ones. I guess everyone has these dreams at one stage or another. I am staring at an exam paper. I complete answering all the questions. In the end, I realize that paper was not even my standard. It belongs to class above or lower than mine. I also get dreams that I bunked my telugu classes. I did not show up for the whole year to the class. Just one day before the final exam, I frantically skim through the book and show up for exam. Why do I see my Telugu teacher? It could be because I stopped reading telugu novels and books after high school and my subconscious mind is guilty.

The worst dreams are the ones in which my subconscious mind doesn’t let me sleep. I go to sleep and all I hear in my head is ‘Wake up. Wake up’. I wake up and I am so sleepy that I go to sleep again. I hear the same voice, ‘Wake up. Wake up’. I get up groggy eyed and go back to sleep. When the alarm rings, I wake up for real. Well, that is the dream.

I also get a few violent dreams, in which I am captured. I am searching for a way out, doing a karate with my abductors. Those dreams got reduced after I got married. My hubby is glad about that.

So what kind of dreams do you get?

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