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Happy Mother’s Day

I typed the e-mail. My mouse pointer was on the send button. Should I send it? Should I save it and send it the following day, when I am not so emotional? I just wanted to let out my feelings and did not care about how the other person would feel after reading the e-mail. I took her for granted. She would always be there for me until the day she has to leave this earth. Music was blaring out of my earphones. The music subsided my thoughts which were zooming from one end of my head to the other at supersonic speed. I clicked ‘send’. I was no longer listening to the the track my iphone played. I stared at my gmail account and checked the sent mail. I should not have sent that e-mail to her. Now, it was too late. She would open her e-mail account and see the e-mail from her daughter. She would read it. She would feel anger, disappointment or remorse. I would never know what her feelings would be.


This short story is dedicated to all the mothers’ who are patient enough with their offspring, who take them for granted.

 Me with my Grandmother & Mother

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