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Telangana – The birth of 29th State of India

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Telangana State of India was formed on Jun 2nd, 2014


‘I am going to roam on the streets until 2 AM tonight.’

 ‘Hmm …’

‘If you are not coming, I will take the car and go’

‘No, it is not safe for you to stay out that late in the night’

‘Everybody is out on the streets. Nothing will happen to me. I will go.’
‘I will come Madam. How will I not come? If I do not come, first my daughter will, ask, ‘How come you left my mother all alone?. Next my son-in-law will question, ‘Mother-in-law is outside, why are you at home? I have to come with you’

This was the conversation between my parents on the night of June 1st, just before I stepped out along with them to participate in the birth of 29th state of India.

On June 1st, my Mother was so happy and excited. I have not seen her that happy even for my marriage. She was on the drug of Telangana. For days, my father spoke only about jubilation on the faces of the Telangana people and how everybody will be on the streets to participate in the formation of Telangana.

The festivities were spanned at five locations in the city. The city was decorated as a bride. All the government buildings were lighted up in an array of colors and the sight was beautiful. Our first stop was the collector office. Here, we saw students performing traditional dances, such as Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi on an elevated stage. There was a fantastic dance performance of Shiva Tandavam at other location. Shiva Tandavam was performed overnight during the Kakatiya times, to rejuvenate the soldiers, before they step into battlefield. All these events were organized to bring to limelight the tradition and culture of Telangana, which was belittled and suppressed for 60 years. There was a crowd everywhere. People came out in their best attire and greeted one another saying, ‘Jai Telangana’.

Warangal’s weather does not need an introduction. It is sweltering hot in the summer. The temperatures shoot as high as 45 deg C. The body works as a machine and continuously generates sweat. The sweat is a  steady laminar stream, which flows from head to toe and gets absorbed by the clothes. It was not at all pleasant to be outside on June 1st night. People could have stayed in the coolness of their home and watched the activities on T news channel. But, they did not. They came out to the collector’s house. They stood in front of the Keerthi stupam and even posed in front of it. They were rejoiced to be part of this new state. They were there to tell to the future generations, the story of Telangana formation, the sacrifices that went into the birth of Telanagana and the pomp and grandeur exhibited on the day of its birth.

I hope that under the able guidance of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his cabinet of Ministers our State will see steady progress and prosperity. The formation of the state was the first step, there is a lot more to be accomplished.

Jai Telangana! Jai Ho Telangana!

    The collector office decorated with lights. In front of the collector office was the Keerthi Stupam, which was built to honor the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for formation of Telangana
The crowd near Keerthi Stupam
                                      People posing in front of the Keerthi Stupam before it was unveiled 
Wonderful dance performance by the kids

                          Kudos to the kids who performed in the heat and under the glaring lights

                                                  Performers near the Keerthi Stupam

Unvieling of Keerthi Stupam at midnight. This video was captured by my mother ( She did stay out along with my father until 1:00 PM on June 2nd.

Photo Credit: iamrawat via Compfight cc

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