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The Ghosts of the Present and Future – Part 2

Rachel liked David. They spoke about their innermost secrets in their second meeting, which would have never happened without Sylvia.

Rachel asked him, ‘Can we meet again?’

David winked and asked, ‘Did you steal anything from me again?’ and checked his pockets. He then looked at her and said, ‘I am just kidding. I would love to meet you again.’

‘How about tomorrow, at the same time, at ghost town bar…no wait…the same coffee shop should be good.’

‘I will see you tomorrow then.’ David kissed Rachel on her cheek. He rose up from the bench and walked away.

On the jogging track, Rachel saw a jogger stop abruptly. He quivered from head to toe, in one fluid motion, as though something or someone cold passed right through him. Rachel guessed who could’ve caused it. She waved her hand and signaled Sylvia to join her.


The End.

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