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The Entrepreneur Mouse – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 

As Maxi flew over Aalesia, Mynee Mouse felt excited and also nervous. From above, it saw a dense forest and from the trees, hung big chunks of cheese.

Maxi dropped Mynee in the land of cheese and flew away. Mynee looked tiny in front of the gigantic trees which bore the cheese. Mynee looked up. The cheese was all the way at the top. Mynee Mouse started its trek to the top of the tree. It reached to the top of the tree by nightfall. Mynee bit into the cheese. The cheese was delicious. Mynee got hold of some cheese and started its journey down the tree.

In the midst of silent forest, Mynee heard a shrill screech. A creature which was as dark as the night swooped past Mynee. The little mouse quickly hid itself in the tree’s borrow and waited for the nocturnal visitor to leave. Mynee reached the ground after the sun came out.

Mynee met other mice in Aalesia. They told that the nocturnal visitor’s nickname was Death. It caught the fat mice when they were high above the tree tops and ate them. The creature has become a menace over the years and killed several mice.

Mynee thought long and hard about how to escape the creature. The little mouse caught a twinkle by the corner of its eye. The roots of the cheese trees were covered by transparent spindly structures which looked like tiny spears. Mynee plucked the spears and stuck them to its body using the sap from the cheese tree. Mynee reached the treetop, gathered the cheese and began its trek down. Death waited to hunt this lean mouse down. When Death swooped down to catch Mynee, it’s talons hurt, something sharp pierced it’s feet. It tried a few more times and gave up. Mynee was far too intelligent to become a prey.

Mynee gathered the cheese and came down the tree, tasting the victory of its first battle with Death. Mynee made a sheath of tree sap covered with spindles and sold it as armor to the other mice in Aalesia. The mice bought the spindle sheath and paid Mynee with the delicious cheese. Mynee Mouse never had to climb the trees after that day. The short living spindle sheaths were selling so fast the Mynee Mouse had to recruit a few other mice to help it make them. Mynee had enough cheese to pay for Maxi to bring its family to Aalesia. Mynee lived happily in Aalesia with its family.

The End.

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