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Trip to Mauritius – Part 2

Cheat Sheet Principle of Life: Always try new flavors. If you don’t like yours, you can always snatch what your spouse is having.

The next three days we did a variety of activities. We did get a local flavor of Mauritian shopping. We were made to roam around malls for one and half day. The guides made sure that the tourists spent enough money to boost the economy. We went to two malls, Le Caudan Waterfront Mall and Riche Terre Mall in Port Loius, Mauritius. The malls looked a lot more spacious than in Bangalore. I was more surprised to see the youngsters there. Most of them were in pairs, holding hands, kissing in the privacy of the trees. The guys hairstyles were commendable, lots of gel and many innovative hair spikes. The youngsters looked very fashionable. They looked like a different breed of Africans, of Indian origin, were fair and spoke French.

I had flavored sugar cane juice at the mall. I had sugarcane juice with mint and my hubby opted juice with ginger and lemon. The sugarcane juice acted like a base which took on the flavor of whatever ingredient was added to it. My juice tasted as though it was made of Orbit mouth refreshers so I drank half of my hubby’s sugar cane juice.

We saw a lot of places. The dead volcano crater, which did not look like a volcano. We went to a Shiva temple which was located close to Ganga Talao lake. The lake and the surroundings were beautiful. It was a perfect location for the temple. We also had a fun excursion at House of Illusions. There was an upside down room and a room of mirrors which reflected the image in multiple directions. The last stop was the seven colored earth at Chamarel and the waterfall.


                                                 A fruit stall at Le Caudan Waterfront Mall

The dead volcano crater

                                                              View from the Volcano Crater

The Ganga Talao Lake and the temple located on shore of the lake
Mona Lisa portrait made of dice at House of Illusions
The Waterfall at Chamarel
To be continued …
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