Month: November 2014

Can you be happier than what you are right now?

The ultimate goal in life is to be happy. Everybody has a base level of happiness. No matter how happy or how sad we are, we eventually return to that baseline. The baseline of happiness is dictated by psychological and sometimes socio-economic factors. Our busy and stressful lives are taking us farther and farther from our baseline, without giving us enough time to return to it. What can be done about that?

Bengaluru Traffic Chronicles – The Tit-for-tat Dude

Bengaluru is a city known for its perfect weather. The city is also notorious for its traffic. My favorite story when people complain about traffic is, ‘I take 45 minutes to drive 3 km. My husband also takes the same amount of time to drive 15 km. The non-linearity in time vs. distance is because I have to take a right turn at the badass, ‘Graphite India Junction (GIJ)’, to go to office.

Over these two years, I have gained some traffic gyaan, on the roads and the junctions. I observed that a few people have psychic knowledge of the traffic signals. Even before the signal turns green, they start honking. When I encounter such a situation, I willfully move slowly the first few seconds to raise the blood pressure of the driver behind me.