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The Place Where Memories are Created

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Grandmother’s home is the place where memories are created, for life.


A grandmother’s house is where memories are made. It is also the place of unbridled freedom, generous kisses and a healthy dose of pampering. After the weekend visits to my grandmother’s home, my mother had to un-pamper me.

I remember my grandmother’s home was small. The garden which led to the house was big. The walkway to the house was lined with flowering plants, which came up to my height. I broke the branches from these plants, made a bow and arrow and tested how far the arrow flew.

I kept a watch on the ants in the garden. I observed big black ants crawl in long twisty lines, carrying a piece of food, twice their size. I obtained great pleasure in disrupting the line and maiming the ants. I was an ant and plant bully back then.

My other memories in that house were taking afternoon naps with my grandmother. She told stories about how Lord Krishna fought the demons. She dozed off in between her stories. I woke her and pestered her to complete the story.

I hunted for non-serious books in my grandfather’s library. He had a few abridged and illustrated classics. These books were about 100 pages, with pictures on alternate pages. I read the books like Tom Sawyer, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and the The Invisible Man from my grandfather’s library.

I realize now that my grandfather bought these books for me and allowed me to discover them in the book hunt. He also had a rule that the books cannot be borrowed. I had to read them during my time there. I looked forward to another visit to complete those books.

For my hubby’s birthday I wanted to give him the memory of his grandmother’s house as a birthday present. My husband told me about his grandmother’s house. It was made of clay tiles and had a big open space in the centre of the house. I found an inn which fit that description.

We went to Angana Country Inn. The inn is built with the theme of a grandmother’s house. There was a big spacious garden in front of the house. The house had open space in the centre and was decorated with antiques. The food tasted homely. It was a great place to unwind and relax.


The Entrance to the house at Angana Country Inn

Space in the center of the house

The open space in the center of the house at Angana Country Inn. That’s me sitting there.

The Library

A cute little library in the house.


The Hall on one side of the house.

Hall 2

The Hall on the other side of the house.


Few of the antiques in the house.


View of the garden from the house.


The garden.


The play area. It looks like a still from an Indian Horror Movie.

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