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3 Reasons Why You Need a Hobby

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Pick a hobby, learn and grow.

The New Year is around the corner. You should be itching to come up with resolutions for 2015. Here are three reasons why you should renew your passion for a hobby and include it as one of the resolutions.

#1: Hobbies could help you find the right life partner

In India, arranged marriages are a complicated affair. It is a slow-date between you, your could-be life partner, parents, aunts and uncles from the girl’s and the boy’s side.

In between all the hocus-pocus, the boy and the girl will have about 10-15 minutes to take a major life decision. One of the icebreakers during these life-altering conversations is ‘What are your hobbies?’ The boy and the girl scratch their heads to come up an innovative hobby, other than watching TV.

If your hobbies match, that is a good start to keep the conversation going. If all goes well, the conversation can end in a marriage.

#2: Hobbies are good sources for relaxation

I pursued multiple hobbies as a kid. I used to paint, read, write and prepare greeting cards for near and dear. As a kid, these hobbies dissipated my energy and kept me off my mother’s back.

I pursue only two hobbies now. They are reading and blogging. I am blogging for almost two years now. A good blog post is like a mini-vacation. It rejuvenates me and prepares me to get back to work. I enjoy thinking about the post, writing it and posting it. I will be excited that day about that great blog post.

#3: Hobbies are bridges of learning between work and personal life.

There are instances when a learning from my professional life seeps into my hobby and vice versa. Whenever there is a simplification drive at my workplace, I think about how to simplify my blog and make it more attractive.

I am taking an online blogging course. I learned about how to make a blog post reader-friendly. I apply the same principle when I write work emails. I try to write emails which are succinct.

Hobbies also build personal connect in professional relationships and help in networking.

Now you know all the advantages of having a hobby. It is the right time to pick a hobby, learn and grow.


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