Month: January 2015

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

In this book, Col. Chris writes about how astronauts are trained. Astronauts are trained to sweat over small stuff. The small stuff can blow out of proportions and become lethal. For example, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was caused by a cracked O-ring and a dislodged piece of foam.

Astronauts are trained to distinguish fear from danger. The training is built around all the scenarios that can be fatal. Through repetitive simulations, they are taught to think calmly, follow the steps and tackle the situation.

3 Life Lessons from Sickness

The lunch time at my workplace is a melting pot of discussions. The topics include politics, movies, missing planes, latest gadgets, Bangalore traffic and many more. During one particular lunch, a good colleague of mine, told us about the life lessons he learned after succumbing to Malaria and recovering from it. Let us call him Mr. A.

What are my Resolutions for 2015?

Yes, it is that time of the year again. You must be thinking, ‘Another post about resolutions, how boring!’

The blogosphere is inundated with posts about resolutions so you have every right to think so. I will keep mine short. I will give an audit of my 2014 resolutions and reveal my 2015 resolution