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What are my Resolutions for 2015?

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Good resolutions make you a better person.

Yes, it is that time of the year again. You must be thinking, ‘Another post about resolutions, how boring!’ 

The blogosphere is inundated with posts about resolutions so you have every right to think so. I will keep mine short. I will give an audit of my 2014 resolutions and reveal my 2015 resolutions.

First things first, I failed partially in following my 2014 resolutions. My resolutions also changed over the year. These were my 2014 resolutions.

Personal – Write two blog posts every week. Attend the Bangalore Writer’s Workshop at least once every month. Prepare draft for my first short story book by September

I failed miserably in the personal resolution. I wrote 59 posts in 2013, which is marginally higher than one post per week. I did shift gears and started taking an online blogging course. I also created a new blog site from scratch.  

Professional – Move to the next level

I did my best and received 4 awards for my work. I don’t know yet, if they will help me move to the next level. 

Physical – Work out for 30 minutes every day except on Friday.

I was angry that I was not losing weight, so sometime around June, I stopped working out. As a result, I put on weight and had to start working out. I started running. The farthest I ran/walked was 7.5 km. I ran/walked 91 kilometers in 2014.

Emotional – Worry about a topic only for 15 minutes and move on

Hmm…I still worry, but I am able to pause, breathe and realize that worrying is not helping me. I developed the habit of writing a gratitude diary everyday, to make me feel better.

Spiritual – Meditate for at least an hour every day

I have to do better. The cumulative time I spent on meditating is about 200 hours.

What are my resolutions for 2015?

The best suggestion I read about maintaining resolutions is to chart them out for 1 month at a time. Based on how you fare that month, modify/make new resolutions for the next month.

Here are my resolutions for January.

Personal – Keep writing 1 blog post per week. Take 2 courses in the online blogging course.

Physical – Walk/run 25 km

Professional – Be more receptive to change

Emotional – Choose 1 book on mindfulness to read in February.

Spiritual – Meditate for at least an hour every day

What are your January Resolutions?

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  1. Amruth Raj ALN says

    akka change the physical work..Instead of running, do swimming it is more productive in losing weight as well as in terms of health. swimming includes cardio also.


    • Soumya says

      I used to swim in the outdoor pool in our apartment complex. I stopped after it became too cold to swim.


      • Hmmm. Well. It’s tough trying to find that discipline but I guess setting small goals helps. Even if it’s just 10mins:)

        I find that the time I take to grow spiritually, really helps me to set everything else in my life in place:)

        Liked by 1 person

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