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What’s my Bucket List?

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Incorporate cultural experience in your travels and bundle up memories.

I came to know about the book, Bucket List of Traveloholic, from a fellow blogger.  The author of the book, Sarika Pandit is a market researcher by day and a freelance writer by night. Being a travel enthusiast I felt that it should be an interesting book.

In this book, Sarika writes about her travel experiences. Her dream was to get all the pages of her first passport stamped before it expires.  The first country she visited was Spain. As a part of a language program, she went to Spain to learn Spanish.

After Spain, she visited several countries like Egypt, England, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Kenya, Israel, Morocco, Czech Republic, Slovenia and a few others.  She used the travel club, WoW (Women on Wanderlust), to her advantage, in the recent years.

I appreciated the way Sarika learned more about the culture of the places she visited.  In England she went on a literary tour and visited Jane Austen’s home and Globe theatre, which featured plays written by Shakespeare. In Brussels, she attended a chocolate making class and made her own chocolates. In Greece she sampled wines like Ouzo and hunted for the wine which suited her palate.

After I read this book, I decided to incorporate some cultural learning in my future travels. I will make an effort to acquire a new taste and develop a new perspective.

Below are a few places on my cultural bucket list.

  1. A food and historical trip in Delhi. I visited Delhi in December to attend a conference. I had the opportunity to visit a few restaurants. The food tasted great. I want to take a leisure trip, pack on a few pounds and also visit all the historic places in Delhi.
  2. Like Sarika Pandit, I want to do a literary tour of England. I visited London in 2008. I was excited to see the nostalgic figure of Sherlock Holmes at the Baker Street Station. A literary tour would be great!
  3. I would love to visit, ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ Theme Park at Universal Studios, in Orlando. I literally grew up reading Harry Potter books. It would be splendid to experience the world of Harry Potter.
  4. In Mauritius, I touched my hubby, who touched the Lion. I want to go for a Safari in Kenya and touch an animal directly.
  5. I only visited North America and Europe until now. I want to visit Istanbul for a different cultural experience.  I also want to learn how to make a Baklava.
  6. I want to visit Mykonos and Sarontini islands in Greece, enjoy the tasty Mediterranean food, and relax on the beautiful beaches.

I only hope that my husband is reading my bucket list!

Background Photo Credit: Monash University via Compfight cc. Book image from google images.


    • Soumya says

      Yes, it looks beautiful in the pictures. That is why it is in my bucket list.


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