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What are the flowering trees in Bengaluru called as?

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Tabebuia trees beautify Bengaluru in Spring

Spring is here! In Disney movies, the arrival of Spring is shown in a lively fashion. The trees flower, the birds chirp, the deers, squirrels and other cute animals run around as Cinderalla and Snow White sing in joy.

I am glad that we still have the flowering trees and the chirping birds. There are no  prancing deers in the urban jungle. The squirrels scurry away as soon as they hear foot steps approaching. If I go around singing, people will think I am mad. I thought the safest option was to take pictures.  

I love the Spring season in Bengaluru. The road side is adorned with trees, which are covered with pink flowers. The sidewalks are carpeted with the pink flowers. The name of this tree that beautifies Bengaluru in Spring is Tabebuia. Tabebuia trees also have gold and mauve colored flowers.

Not only the Bangaloreans but also the trees are cosmopolitan in nature. The Tabebuia is a South American tree. The trees were introduced by the British in Bangalore, in the late 1800s.

Tabebuia has traveled thousands of miles, crossed the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean in a ship and reached Bangalore in 1800s.  I was awed when I learned about this fact. This tree is a part of history, the present and I hope that it will last for many more future generations to come. 

Summer is around the corner. Enjoy the Spring while it lasts!


I present to you the pretty pink flowering trees of Bengaluru


How about a close-up?


While people in some places shovel off snow from their sidewalks and cars, the Bangloreans shovel off flowers


The temple and the tree


‘Hey, why should Tabebuia get all the credit?’, say these pretty flowers


Watermelons, the fruit of Summer


Earthen pots and an ice cream cart. Summer is coming!


  1. Kiran says

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures.

    Hey, btw, if you are interested in politics, read ‘The Autobiography of a Mad Nation’ by Sriram Karri. It gives a good perspective on past events.


    • Soumya says

      Thank you Kiran, for your comment and the book recommendation. I will add the book to my reading list.


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