Month: April 2015

Happy and Sad Books

Over time, I realized that I cannot read books that are gory, books that describe poverty or human suffering in detail. I cannot read Stephen King’s books. Gillian Flynn is another recent author who will be added to that list.

How can you form habits that stick?

You come home from office and settled on a comfortable chair, in front of the Television. You decided to go for a work-out at 7.00 PM. You are flipping through the channels and found something interesting. The clock shows that it is 7.00 PM. You feel, ‘I cannot go for a run now, this show is interesting. I will go tomorrow.’ Tomorrow could be a different story.

3 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Every evening I walk around my Apartment Complex for 30 minutes. I alternate between walking and running. Among many other walkers/runners, I remember one woman. She is a regular and her body build, height are similar to mine.

Every time, I look at this woman, I wonder, ‘She works out a lot. But she has not reduced an ounce .’ I guess this woman would feel the same about me. She must think, ‘This woman runs huffing and puffing but all that activity is not getting translated into weight loss.’

Lalbagh – Where every tree has a story

We participated in the Green Heritage Walk at Lalbagh, organized by Bangalore Walks. Our guide Vijay Thiruday was an elderly gentleman, who studied at Oxford. He walked by tapping his mahogany walking stick, to keep the snakes at bay. He introduced us to the trees at Lalbagh and shared the deepest, darkest secrets of the trees.