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3 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

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Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Exercise to maintain weight, not to loose weight.

Every evening I walk around my Apartment Complex for 30 minutes. I alternate between walking and running. Among many other walkers/runners, I remember one woman. She is a regular and her body build, height are similar to mine.

Every time, I look at this woman, I wonder that, ‘She works out a lot. But she has not reduced an ounce .’ I guess this woman would  feel the same about me, ‘This woman runs around huffing and puffing but her weight remains the same.

I realized a harsh truth about exercise.

“People often assume that the most important benefit of exercise is something that it doesn’t provide: exercise doesn’t promote weight loss. It seems to help people maintain their weight – active people are less likely to gain or regain weight than inactive people-but it’s not associated with weight loss” – Gretchen Rubin in her book, ‘Better than Before.’

Of course the above statement is a function of your metabolic rate, diet and physical activity.  Given the above fact, here are 3  reasons why you should exercise.

Live longer and healthier, by delaying the onset of Hereditary Diseases: People are prone to get hereditary diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc.

Our Life Expectancy is increasing. The earlier you get a disease the longer you have to suffer the consequences. Why not take the necessary precautions to delay the onset of hereditary diseases, or not get them at all ? Live well and eat well, without restrictions.

Look Smart and Think Smart: I read a fact about weight gain, which stuck with me. When we gain weight, the fat gets accumulated in certain areas of our body more preferably than others. But, do you know that fat can accumulate in your brain as well? The fat in our brain leads to poor memory and learning skills.

It is easier to burn off body fat than brain fat. If you use your brain to make a living, you better be in shape. 

Maintain Weight and be Happy: When I workout, I restrict my consumption of food. I don’t go for that second serving of dark chocolate or eat until I am 120 % full, which helps in maintaining weight.

It is also known that exercise stimulates endorphin production. Endorphins trigger positive feelings in your body. You are happier after you workout. 

Exercise to live a longer, healthier and a happier life.

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