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What the flowers taught me?

It all started about 8 months ago when I started writing my gratitude diary. Since it is a digital diary, I wanted to include one interesting pic everyday. Flowers are the most ubiquitous specimens in nature (thankfully!). I started taking pics of flowers so that I will have one interesting pic everyday.

When I took these pictures, I was amazed at the beauty of nature. Every flower is unique, different and beautiful. As I observed the flowers day after day, they taught me a few things about life.

1. Everybody is unique: 

Hold any flower in your hand and observe it. First, you will appreciate it’s beauty. Next, you feel it is perfect. The color, shape, texture and the smell of the flower cannot be improved.

If the simplest specimen in nature is so special, then the most complex species, humans should be unique too.

We all have talents, and quirks which belong only to you and make you, ‘you’. The beauty of life is to discover your gifts, and use them to your (and other’s) advantage.

2. Difficulties are part of life:

Flowers have difficulties too. They don’t have summer all year round. Sometimes it is stormy or cold. In winter the trees shed their leaves and flowers.

If the flowers got depressed because of Winter and did not show up in Spring, what a dreadful place this World would be. They hibernate in Winter but they come right back up in Spring! That should be the spirit!

3. Flowers don’t compete with other flowers:

Every flower takes it’s time to grow, to blossom from a bud. It patiently sits there basking all the sunlight and gets the required nutrients. A bud doesn’t panic by looking at the neighbouring flower. When the time is right, it opens it’s petals and becomes a pretty flower.

Just as flowers, all of us are ‘Work in Progress’. We will also get there…one step at a time.

Take time to observe flowers. They add flavour to life.

This post is dedicated to my Mother, who also loves flowers. She encouraged me to revive the blog. You should see one post every week, starting from this month.

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