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3 Ways to Save Sea Turtles From Extinction

I visited New England Aquarium on the American Independence Day weekend (Jul 4th). I looked at all the magnificent creatures which share the blue planet with awe. I am always humbled in presence of other creatures from the ecosystem.

It reminds me we that are just one of the 1.3 million species that inhabit the Earth.

The creature in spotlight at New England Aquarium was the Sea Turtle. The Aquarium has 4 rescued sea turtles. It was amazing to watch these big creatures swim effortlessly. They gave me a serious look when they caught me watching them.

Here is a little info graphic I made, which tells why sea turtles are important and how you can protect them.

I decided to buy only sustainable seafood labelled products. What are you going to do to save the Sea Turtles?

Other creatures at the Aquarium

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Pradeep Kumar Gouda for a few of the pictures in this slideshow.

Reference websites used for the info graphic


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