Month: August 2015

How screen addiction is affecting our lives?

I thought it was only the children that were addicted to screens. Well, we all are! The screen addiction creeps into other areas of our lives. For example …

The Weird Habit of Fiction Writers

May be I should stick to teenage fantasy novels, which are full of vampires, werewolves and wizards until the fiction writers fall out of this weird habit.

Boston Common – The oldest park of USA

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Boston Common has been there since 1634. Boston Common is oldest park of Unites States (yes, everything is ‘the oldest’ in Boston!). The park is about 50 acres in size.┬áBoston Common has an interesting history which dates back to the centuries. In the 1630s Boston Common was used by many families as a cows pasture. Affluent families brought more cows which lead to overgrazing. After 1676 they limited to 70 cows at time. Cow grazing was banned by 1830. I attribute the present beauty of Boston Common to the absence of the cows. Boston Common was also used for public hangings until 1817. It was also a place where gatherings and meetings were held. Martin Luther King and Pope John Paul II made speeches here. A hundred people protested Vietnam War in 1965 and a lot more activities happened in the later years. What I loved about Boston Common were the Frog Pond and the Make Way for the Ducklings Statue. The Frog Pond is a wading pool with a …