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Boston Common – The oldest park of USA

Cheat Sheet Fact of Life: Boston Common has been there since 1634.

Boston Common is oldest park of Unites States (yes, everything is ‘the oldest’ in Boston!). The park is about 50 acres in size. Boston Common has an interesting history which dates back to the centuries.

In the 1630s Boston Common was used by many families as a cows pasture. Affluent families brought more cows which lead to overgrazing. After 1676 they limited to 70 cows at time. Cow grazing was banned by 1830. I attribute the present beauty of Boston Common to the absence of the cows.

Boston Common was also used for public hangings until 1817. It was also a place where gatherings and meetings were held. Martin Luther King and Pope John Paul II made speeches here. A hundred people protested Vietnam War in 1965 and a lot more activities happened in the later years.

What I loved about Boston Common were the Frog Pond and the Make Way for the Ducklings Statue.


The Frog Pond is a wading pool with a sprinkler in the centre. Kids had fun by running around in the water and enjoyed the sprinkler. The Frog Pond turns into a ice-skating rink in Winter. That should be exciting!


Make Way for Ducklings statue consists of the statue of the Mother Duck (Ms. Mallard) and her eight ducklings. The statues are a famous attraction for kids and parents. The statues are from children’s story book, ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ written by Robert McCloskey. The story is about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, who fly around various locations in Boston to start a family.


Bostonians love the Ms. Mallard and her eight ducklings. Hues and cries were raised when one of the ducklings was stolen in 1988, 1992, 1999 and 2009. Most of the stolen ducklings were found after a few days. I am glad to inform that all the ducklings are now following Ms. Mallard and none of them are off on their ‘forced’ adventures.

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