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How screen addiction is affecting our lives?

Cheat sheet fact of life: We are addicted to screens

About a year ago, I was on an overnight train journey. The opposite berth was occupied by a family with a cute three year old. She referred to herself in the third person, ‘Bittu loves this, Bittu does not like this…‘.

One remarkable thing that I remember about Bittu, other than her cuteness, was her fascination towards the tablet. The girl would not eat anything unless she watched something. Early in the morning, her mom played songs on the tablet to make Bittu eat.  The kid ate and the video served as an alarm for the rest of the people in the compartment.

I thought it was only the children that are addicted to screens. Well, we all are!

Whenever I am on the subway, I notice most of the people looking into their phones or reading something on their tablets. After few days of people watching, I also started staring at my phone screen to belong to the crowd.

The screen addiction creeps into other areas of our lives.

For example, eating while watching TV or reading something on tablet. I bet not many people observe the food they eat. How does the food look like? What are the colors? How is the texture and the taste? As a result of the distracted eating we don’t notice how full we are and continue eating.

Distracted eating could lead to weight gain. Mindful eating on the other hand could help you consume lesser calories not only during the meal but also helps you eat less through the rest of the day, because your brain remembers feeling satiated.

Couple of years ago, I read an article about mindful eating. The author sat at the table, away from all screens, looked at the food he ate and chewed 20 times for every mouthful. When I read this article, I thought he was crazy. Time has come for me to do the same.

I thought of starting small. I decided to eat mindfully every alternate meal in a day so that my brain doesn’t go into a panic mode, thinking what is this alien stuff that I am putting in my mouth?

We have to relearn the pleasures of eating right and savour the non-screen time.

Photo Credit: dharder9475 via Compfight cc

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