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Visit to Lake Champlain

Cheatsheet Fact of Life: Lake Champlain was named after French explorer Samuel De Champlain

I have been to Lake Champlain recently along with our team. Lake Champlain is located between the States of New York and Vermont. I am always surprised when I look at the Lakes in the States. They are lakes without borders in sight. The lakes can be called as mini-seas.

The Lake is surrounded by picturesque Adirondack Mountains. The drive from Boston to Lake Champlain was breathtaking as well. The trees on the mountains were getting dressed in fall colours. I also saw many antique cars on the road and a few horses and cows. This is the first time I have seen cows and horses in the States.



We stayed for almost two days in a nice cottage by the Lake. The owner of the cottage got it as a wedding gift from his in-laws. A great gift, I would say.


Lake Champlain has it’s own monster. It is called as…you know it…the Lake Champlain monster. The monster was first seen in 1609 by Samuel De Champlain. The monster is rumoured to be five feet long, with sharp and dangerous teeth.

I sat on the chair hoping that the monster would peek out. I didn’t see the monster but I saw many sailing boats, flying geese, beautiful sunrises, sunsets and a rainbow. I saw different moods of the lake. Every time, I looked at it, I felt that the scene was different.




I have also been to the Wild Center, which is close to Tupper Lake. The center has a wildwalk, which is a walkway constructed 40 feet above the forest ground, along the treetops. The idea is to walk on this walkway and observe the creatures of the forest. I have seen a few birds but other creatures were too shy to venture out. There was a beautiful marsh on one side of the forest.



On the whole, it was a time well-spent with nature, amidst good company.

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Quote for this post: Make your heart like a lake, with calm, still surface, and great depths of kindness. – Lao Tzu

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