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3 Future Technologies that Awe Me

Last week was Back to the Future (BTTF) week. In the movie Back to the Future II, Doc Emmet Brown and Marty Mc Fly time – travelled to Oct 21st 2015 from the year 1985.

The blogosphere was busy comparing the predicted technology in the movie to the current technology. A few predictions that came true were smart homes, face time and video calling, wearable technology etc. Nike has delivered on their promise of developing power laces, self-lacing shoes, which were shown in the BTTF II. We are far away from the flying cars and hoverboards.

Back to the Future made me think about the 3 future technologies that awe me. A timely post on sploid also predicted how human life will change in the next 1000 years.

1. Virtual worlds in our world:

Magic leap is an augmented reality start-up that raised 542 million from Google. The start-up combines hologram technology with the real-world setting by using their own pair of glasses.

Magic leap’s website shows a snippet of their technonolgy. People sit at a basketball court and a whale comes out of the center of the court and disappears into the brown surface, splashing water all around.

I would love to re-watch all the great movies like Harry Potter, Avatar, Avenger Series and Star Wars with this technology.

2. A Butler and Healthcare Provider Robot:

I would love to come home and have a robot attend on me hand and foot, and do all the household work.

The movie Big Hero 6, had an empathetic and patient robot, Baymax, which comes into action as soon as someone says ‘ouch’ and diagnoses the ailments of the person and takes first aid measures. Robots like Baymax will be useful to provide service to the ageing population. They can wait on them, remind them about the timely intake of medicine and food, and contact the hospital if their condition is declining.

On the other hand, robots with deception like in the movie Ex Machina, scare me. We humans are so bad at reading micro-expressions, that robots with Artificial Intelligence can easily manipulate us.

3.  Designer babies and Immortality

Rapid progress in genetics is making the designer babies more likely, says an article from BBC.  A designer baby is a genetically engineered baby. We will be able to screen the embryos for faulty DNA and replace with healthy DNA or choose a specific set of skills, looks or talents for the future babies.

Immortality has a new definition. On a day to day basis, we use so many apps to track our physical activity, our eating habits and our emotions. All this data can be extrapolated years ahead and create a ‘virtual’ us. By mapping our brains we can live indefinitely, says an article from Popular Science. We can map our brains and take a robotic body, like in the movie, Chappie.

I am excited about the future and the opportunities it will bring.

Quote for this post: Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind. 

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