Month: December 2015

3 Facts About Christmas

This Christmas season, a few questions popped up in my mind. I observed wreathes on the doors, Christmas trees in all the squares and people wearing Santa Claus’s hats. I wanted to know the stories behind the wreaths, Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

4 Cool gifts for Geeks!

It is Christmas time and Santa Claus will be arriving with gifts. The children get gifts from Santa Claus. The adults are too naughty to receive gifts from Santa. We compensate for that by wearing Santa Claus’s shoes and gift one another.

Boston Lights!

Winter is that time of the year, when the trees shed their leaves, look gloomy and naked. The first time I came to States, I did not understand the tradition of lighting up the trees during Christmas time.

Joy for Sale!

It is that time of the year again! All the stores sell you joy! Joy can be brought with a cup of coffee, a warm sweater, a new tablet, phone and many other things. For me, time spent with family and the festive spirit of Christmas brings joy.