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Joy for Sale!

Christmas decorations at Wrigley Building, Chicago

It is that time of the year again! All the stores sell you joy! Joy can be brought with a cup of coffee, a warm sweater, a new tablet, phone and many other things. For me, time spent with family and the festive spirit of Christmas brings joy.

My love for Christmas started when I was young. My school gave two weeks holiday for Christmas (Yes, that bought enough joy). On the day before the holidays started, the students staged a nativity play. We also decorated a Christmas tree with greeting cards. After the play, I used to take cards from the tree, cut them up, make my own greeting cards and give them to near & dear.

I also had a good friend near our house, who was a Christian. She used to bring us Christmas cake every year. Yes, I loved that cake. I also loved watching all the Disney shows about Christmas. I saw how Mickey, Pluto and Goofy celebrated Christmas.

It feels good to be in the States again during Christmas time. Here, the festival is celebrated on a grand scale.

I enjoy looking at the lit up Christmas trees in squares, the beautiful wreaths on the doors and the gingerbread houses in shops. I enjoy hearing the Church bells intermittently throughout the day. I also love window shopping. The shops have bright colored displays with Christmas themes. I see people with Santa Claus hats and reindeer antler hats, greeting others and asking for donations. The joy and good will is contagious.

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I was looking for Christmas decorations in Boston and found out about Blink. Blink is a sound and light show at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It is an open market place, with stores and street performers. The light show happens every hour and it is magical.

I also had the opportunity to see Snap Boogie perform at Faneuil Hall. He is a dancer and a street performer from Boston. He starred in America Got Talent, Season 6. He was a great dancer and an engaging entertainer.

What I liked about him was the kind gesture he made. He took the help of a kid in the audience for his performance.  At the end of the show, Snap Boogie thanked the kid and also gave him $10 for his participation and for helping him out with his act. He also told the kid that he is officially a street performer now and to respect that profession. The kid’s face lit up. A nice way to make a difference in the kid’s life.

Enjoy Snap Boogie’s show. Watch all the way to the end for his great act!

Hope you all have a merry time!

Quote for this post: Joy is the simplest form of gratitude – Karl Barth




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