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Boston Lights!

Winter is that time of the year, when the trees shed their leaves, look gloomy and naked. The first time I came to States, I did not understand the tradition of lighting up the trees during Christmas time. I thought that lights are a poor compromise for the leaves. Now, I realize that trees are lighted up for mutual benefit of humanity and trees.

Every tree is a piece of art. The number, shape and the length of the branches are unique. By lighting the trees, you are creating pieces of art that are natural, self-sustaining and beautiful. The glow from the LED lights also keeps the trees warm and happy (my hypothesis). Humans also feel alive by looking at the beautiful surroundings.

Commonwealth Avenue is a major street of Boston. Part of the Commonwealth Avenue is a walkway, lined with trees and interspersed with statues of notable people in the history. The trees on this walkway are decorated with lights during this time of the year. It is a pleasure to walk along this street.


Commonwealth Avenue is located in Backbay, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Boston, known for beautiful Victorian houses. The houses are decorated as well and they add to the beauty of the street.


Beautiful wreath on the door and two small Christmas trees in the front yard


Wreath on the door on the first floor and nutcracker on the window

After the walk on Commonwealth Avenue, we walked along the Charles bridge. The bright skyline was reflected on Charles River. A memory was made during that walk and will be stored for future use!


Boston skyline reflected on Charles River


Hanukkah candle lighting at Copley Square


Christmas tree at Copley Square

Photographs courtesy: Pradeep Kumar Gouda

Quote for this post: In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful. – Alice Walker



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