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4 Cool gifts for Geeks!

It is Christmas time and Santa Claus is coming with gifts. The children get gifts from Santa Claus. The adults are too naughty to receive gifts from Santa. We compensate for that by wearing Santa Claus’s hat and gift one another.

Families are made of all kinds of people, geeks and non-geeks alike. Wikipedia says that, ‘The word geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people’. Ouch that hurts! Geekiness is the latest fashion!

If you have a geek in your family, here are a few gifts you can consider.

1. The gift of virtual reality ($19.99)


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I AM CARDBOARD is a virtual reality google cardboard. It is a piece of cardboard that is cutout to hold the phone, through which you can play virtual reality videos. The lenses are cheap plastic magnifying glasses but it works amazingly well. I bought this gift for my husband and he loved it. It is a completely immersive experience and a fun gift, which lets you escape to exotic places and is also educational.

2. A friendly robot ($149.99)


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With the new Star Wars Movie playing in theatres this is the best time to buy Star Wars themed gifts. The newest droid in the Star Wars Universe was brought to Earth by Sphero. Sphero built an app controlled droid, BB-8. I was surprised to see that it makes realistic robotic sounds, which magnifies the cuteness of it (sorry male fans!).

R2-D2 retired to a humidifer! ($40)

I also found a humidifier which is shaped as R2D2. It has 10 moisture settings and produces soothing mist.

3. A Virtual Personal Assistant ($179.99)

Amazon Echo is a product made by Amazon. It is a voice activated speaker with a built-in personal assistant. The personal assistant can be awakened by calling ‘Alexa…’ and asking anything. For example, Alexa tell me about news, weather, traffic etc. It also plays music from a variety of sources, reads audiobooks and can control lights and switches of specific make.

Happy gifting & happy holidays! May the force be with you to buy these gifts!

Quote for this post: A gift can never be cheap or insignificant because of the heart and love it carries. – Munia Khan



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