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Visit to San Antonio

Happy New Year! I wish all the very best in your life in 2016.

I spent the New Year’s eve in San Antonio. I had a nice Mexican dinner with my husband, seated on The San Antonio River Walk. The River Walk is a vibrant place, with restaurants and shops lined alongside the river.

The ducks gave us company, by pecking at our feet and demanded tortilla chips. The River had hanging, colourful led lights, which sparkled intermittently like the stars.

I learned a few facts about San Antonio. It is the seventh most populated city in United States. It was discovered by Spaniards in 1691 (another oldie goldie like Boston). The city was named after  Saint Anthony of Padua. The Spanish conducted several colonial missions in San Antonio. The Spanish used these missions to transform native people into Spanish subjects by converting them to Catholicism.

San Antonio became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas. It became the capital of Mexico. Mexico allowed the European-American settlers into their territory to increase the diversity. In 1845 Texas became part of United States after United States won the Mexico-American war. Read the full history here.

Enjoy the pics!


I present to you The San Antonio River Walk on New Year’s Eve.

River walk in day light

River walk in day light


Kids playing with pigeons.

Tortilla loving ducks.

Tortilla chips loving ducks.


Birds sun-bathing at the River walk


This proud crane posed for the tourists on the River walk cruise.


This pretty pink chariot stole my heart.


The Alamo


A fountain at Alamo. Make a wish!

Quote for this post: “I didn’t drive eleven hours across the state of Texas to watch my cholesterol.” – Robb Walsh



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