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Save Chocolate!

My husband remarked that my chocolate consumption increased in the recent years. I replied, ‘Well there will be a shortage soon so I better eat as much as I can.’

He joked that I was responsible for the shortage. He was partially true.

There are two reasons for the chocolate shortage. The first is that the overall consumption of chocolate has increased. Last year, the world ate 70,000 metric tons more cocoa than the cocoa farmers produced. Chocolate consumption is only going to increase because the purchasing power has improved all over the world and more people are buying chocolate.

The second reason could attributed to the changing weather conditions, resulting in droughts and also occurrence of a nasty fungal disease, which has wiped out 30-40 % of global cocoa production. As a result the cocoa farmers in major chocolate producing countries such as Ghana, are shifting towards growing more productive crops such as corn.

Due to the combination of the above two factors, cocoa prices have increased more than 60 % since 2012. This means, chocolate lovers like me are bearing the brunt of chocolate shortage and also causing one.

Scientists are working on producing disease resistant cocoa breeds and plants that produce seven times more cocoa when compared to the traditional plants. These innovations could combat the impending doom of cocoa shortage in the long run.

Meanwhile, save chocolate from becoming extinct by consuming less. I know that it is a hard thing to do! Tough times need tough measures.

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Quote for this post:“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces.” – Judith Viorst



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