Month: February 2016

Harvard University covered in snow

It has been snowing in Boston. I set out to Harvard University to take a few pictures. I was sure that Harvard University would look beautiful in the snow and indeed it was. The temperature was 25 F but the sunlight made everything look better. One of the entrances to the Harvard University campus John Harvard statue dressed in snow One of the dorms The frolicking dog (video below) and a nervous squirrel were bonus experiences on Harvard campus. There were also a lot of snow men. A squirrel having breakfast A snow man in front of Harvard dorms A snow man on wall A snow man in front of a library at Harvard University With snow comes the responsibility of cleaning up too. A guy clearing snow from the roof John Harvard & mini snow truck clearing the snow Tour Harvard Campus by looking at the below videos. Video taken from Harvard Yard Video taken in front of Harry Elkins Widener Library Frolicking creatures Quote for this post: The snow reminded me of the …

3 Facts about Valentines Day

Featured image from here Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th of every year. (If you have a girlfriend/wife and you don’t know this, you are in big trouble). Here are three facts about Valentine’s day. What are the origins of Valentine’s day? Valentine’s day has Christian and Roman origins. It is said that in the fifth century, the Christian Church converted the pagan festival of fertility to Valentine’s day to honor Saint Valentine. Who is Saint Valentine? One legend says that Saint Valentine is a priest who performed marriages of Roman soldiers in secrecy. Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for Roman soldiers because he thought single men performed better than married men in the battlefield. Valentine was put to death by Emperor Claudius for performing secret marriages. Another legend says that Valentine was killed because he helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. It is said that the imprisoned Valentine sent a love letter to the jailor’s daughter, signed as ‘Your Valentine.’ The phrase, ‘your valentine’ is used to this day. When did people start …

MIT covered in snow

Yesterday it snowed without a break, from morning till late afternoon. When I stepped out in the evening, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the surroundings. The trees and the buildings were covered in snow. I took the pictures of MIT at dusk. Enjoy! The sculpture in front of MIT Chemical Engineering Department Bike rack close to Hayden Library Green Building at MIT. This is one of my favourite walkways Charles River and the frozen surroundings Here are the videos. Video taken in front of MIT Chemical Engineering Department Video taken in front of Hayden Library Quote for this post: The first snow is like the first love. Do you remember your first snow? – Lara Biyuts